April 11, 2013

Irons in the fire

Here's what's happening.

Essentially, I'm directing all my effort in preparing for the writers conference I'm attending at the beginning of May. I won't let myself do much other than that, unless it's reading books on writing, or other YA lit.

  • I've gotten most of my notes ready for my pitch. I'll still be tweaking these for a while.
  • Synopsis for Schism is in the hands of a good writer friend who is giving it a once-over for me. I'll make changes once I get it back, and that will be good to go then.
  • Schism is in the process of another beta read. Current beta reader is a college student and much closer to my main target demographic. I've heard good things thus far, and with feedback I may do some more tweaking.
  • In general, I really feel Schism is getting very close to a final version. I know agents and editors will have changes too, but I feel in my gut that I'm close. :-)
  • I wrote the first draft of chapter 1 of Unity. It is officially started. I won't work on it again until after the conference, but I wanted it to be "started."
Is that enough going on? I did get an idea for a short story while driving, but I'll probably put that off for a bit. 

1 comment:

  1. A short story too? Girl, you're nuts! And way more ambitious than me.