December 3, 2013

How to make Chicken Parmigiana without going to the store

Okay, so I'm gonna jump back on this thing and start blogging again. This time for real! New, improved, and all those buzzwords.

To begin, I'll start with the story of our dinner tonight. Also known as, "I didn't check that I had the ingredients until 4pm and didn't want to go to the store" dinner.

Chicken Parm without a run to Walmart

1. Open the Italian bread crumbs to see you only have 1/4 cup left.

  • Solution: Use the magic bullet to grind up some saltines into a fine powder, way more ground up than you ever intended.
2. Look in pantry and see you have no plain tomato sauce to make yummy sauce from scratch.
  • Solution: Use some super chunky Ragu for the sauce. Who cares if you've got chunks of zucchini on your chicken, still yummy.
3. Look in fridge to see absolutely no mozzarella cheese.
  • Solution: Shredded cheddar cheese. Not quite authentic, but hey, still yummy!
I know it sounds very weird, but really it was very yummy. It's just not "real" Italian Chicken Parm. Goes to show I'm not afraid to improvise!

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