June 23, 2013

The awesome month of June

June is a wonderful month for my family. On the 12th, my little baby girl turned two, TWO! I can hardly believe she's not really a baby any more. Wow, how time flies.

And on the 21st, we celebrated our fifth anniversary, FIVE years. Again, wow...where did the time go. We got married just yesterday, didn't we? So, I suppose five years is kind of a milestone and I think back to when we first got married and how things were different.

1. Obviously we didn't have the baby, as she just turned two. Simple math there.
2. We lived in an apartment. It was a fairly nice apartment near all the good shopping and across from a mall, but still an apartment.
3. We had one cat named Emmy.
4. I was still working on my Masters degree and had a couple of classes left to go.
5. I worked for a large corporation and had to commute through construction every day. The construction still exists, I just don't have to drive through it every day.

I started out this post thinking there was some sort of point that would develop, but no, not really. Enjoy the musings, and smell some fragrant flowers (not necessarily roses as those aren't my favorite, I like orchids and tulips). Enjoy what's left of June, all 100+ degree days of it.