December 23, 2013

Things going on

I don't have a lot of time to come up with something witty to post, so I'll just ramble about what's been going on. Of course it's Christmas stuff. Lots of traveling and planning, washing clothes, doing dishes, and picking up to get things ready. For the most part, pretty regular boring stuff.

Writing-wise, I did finish the draft of my short story. This is the first short story I've written since College. I'm not sure if it's good, but I'm certain my critique group will let me know.

Reading- I'm reading Champion by Marie Liu (the third book in the Legend trilogy) and I'm loving it. Her characters are so well fleshed out, and the voice is awesome. I am trying to pace myself because when it's over, it'll be over. *sadface* I'm not doing well at pacing though, and I'm halfway done already.

I'll work on trying to find something fun to blog about after Christmas. :-)

December 11, 2013

The night I became Rapunzel

Rapunzel with long blonde hair
Technically, the blonde hair is magic

No, I do not have mile-length telescoping hair that I can hook around things and swing myself from like the Rapunzel in Disney's Tangled. Really, the only similarity is that we were both blonde. Rapunzel of the natural variety and me of the color-in-a-box kind. (I was blonde as a child and didn't want to let go!)

The box color damaged my hair, and while I kept it long, it got all tangled (hahahaha) and riddled with split ends. I saw a deal in a local magazine for a makeover at a salon and decided to take advantage of it. I wanted to dye my hair its natural color and cut it and let it grow out healthy. I'd stop dying it and have happy healthy hair for once!

That was my plan. Now, the salon took a long time and I barely made it home for my toddler's bedtime. I told her about my haircut and I wanted her to see me before she went to sleep so she'd recognize me in the morning. I didn't want to be the cause of a freakout as toddlers are notoriously freaked out by random things.

I go into the bedroom to say good night, and my little girl smiles so wide and says "You've got magic Eugene hair!" "Mommy has magic brown hair!" And she laughs and plays with my hair and keeps saying it over and over. Are you confused yet?

Rapunzel short brown hair
Who knew a shard of glass could make such a cute cut?

*Spoilers for really old movie*
In the movie Tangled, Eugene (Flynn) cuts Rapunzel's hair with a shard of mirror and it turns brown.

This stuck out to my toddler as magic, and because Eugene cuts her hair I guess short brown hair is "Eugene hair" and it's magic because it changed colors. Thus, I became Rapunzel. That was not what I predicted would happen when I went to get a haircut and dye job. I've had the haircut for a month now, and she still grabs my hair and says it. She also yells "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!" like the villain says when the hair is cut.

Makes me wish I could do it all over again. :-D

December 3, 2013

How to make Chicken Parmigiana without going to the store

Okay, so I'm gonna jump back on this thing and start blogging again. This time for real! New, improved, and all those buzzwords.

To begin, I'll start with the story of our dinner tonight. Also known as, "I didn't check that I had the ingredients until 4pm and didn't want to go to the store" dinner.

Chicken Parm without a run to Walmart

1. Open the Italian bread crumbs to see you only have 1/4 cup left.

  • Solution: Use the magic bullet to grind up some saltines into a fine powder, way more ground up than you ever intended.
2. Look in pantry and see you have no plain tomato sauce to make yummy sauce from scratch.
  • Solution: Use some super chunky Ragu for the sauce. Who cares if you've got chunks of zucchini on your chicken, still yummy.
3. Look in fridge to see absolutely no mozzarella cheese.
  • Solution: Shredded cheddar cheese. Not quite authentic, but hey, still yummy!
I know it sounds very weird, but really it was very yummy. It's just not "real" Italian Chicken Parm. Goes to show I'm not afraid to improvise!