May 29, 2014

Memorial Day 2014 AKA The Permanent Press Opossum

Memorial Day

Memorial day had something new and exciting in store for us, and it wasn't a BBQ or picnic. My hubby decided to wash all of his work clothes, so he could hang them immediately out of the dryer and not have to iron. Boy, did that backfire.

The washer finished and I went to pull out the clothes and put them in the dryer. When I hit start, it made a horrible noise and started to smell burnt. I got out some of the pants thinking the load was too heavy and tried again, only to hear the same noise and smell more burning. Not good. I called the hubby down to take a look and then went to watch the toddler.

He called me back down to listen to something, and all I heard was wind since it had been raining. We decided to open up the back of the dryer to see what was stuck in there. I looked in the tube (which smelled like fishing bait BTW) but didn't see anything.

Hubby: No, look in the dryer part.

Me: Okay, but if something was in there it woulda run out the back way. (I argued, thinking looking down the shaft was more important.)

So, I bent down to look into the hole at the back of the dryer and saw this:

Gaping maw of teeth hissing at my face.

To which I calmly, and rationally, responded: Husband dear, I believe we have an opossum taking residence in the back of our dryer.

Of course it came out more like "THERE'S A RAT IN MY DRYER. THERE'S A GIANT RAT IN MY DRYER!"

I figured out later it was not a rat, but an opossum. Rats don't hiss. Anyway, after we had plugged the hose back on and freaked out a bit, we decided to try to vacate Mr. or Ms. Opossum from our appliance. We tried to encourage it into a cat carrier. No go. We pushed the dryer to the door of the garage and beat it with a broom, kicked it, barked at it (dogs are predators of the little rascals), to try to make it leave. It got scared and then ya know, played possum to stay where it was. Then we put out cat food in a trail leading out of the garage to entice it to was happy as a clam to stay where it was.

Thankfully it left during the night and ate the cat food we had left for it. So, our little visitor got shelter from the rain and a good dinner on us. I hope you're happy Mr./Ms. Opossum because your little nest busted up my dryer so I had to get it fixed. Burning smell meant melting wiring and a huge fire hazard.

The dryer is repaired now, and we'll put a grate on the outside so additional critters can't climb into our house. I wonder if every future Memorial Day I'll remember our little visitor.


  1. Wow! I would've totally freaked out. Eeks! That's crazy. But you know, you're not alone. A friend of mine had a similar thing happen to her recently. Except it was a whole family of opossums. She removed her dryer, put it by the road, and bought a new one. Hahaha!

    1. I was so afraid it was pregnant and then it'd never leave. I'm happy we didn't have to call Animal Control, though that was the next step.

  2. Replies
    1. That's vaguely what my face looked like. :-p

  3. Interesting. The critter probably thought he hit the jackpot - heating and a bit of a dry-off after the rain. Remind me to tell you about the snake that crawled out of my kitchen sink one day...

    1. Uh yes, please don't. I would be scarred for life.