June 19, 2014

Missing in action - waging wars

I know what you're thinking, I've dropped this blogging ball again. Nope! I'm still here! I've just been in the trenches, deep, deep in the trenches.

What war are you waging you ask?

The bane of my existence
Yes, potty training. My little girl just turned three, and a few weeks before her birthday we took the plunge. Now some may say that's pretty late, but we did try earlier. Oh and what an epic fail that was. It wasn't that the munchkin couldn't figure it out at 27 months, oh she did. She knew how to hold it, and then how to pee all over the floor. She didn't WANT to do it because we wanted her to do it. Pure stubbornness.

Thank goodness she was much more amenable this last go. We have had success! Now, I don't want to jinx it, but except for occasional slip ups, we're finally through the gauntlet!

So, not that you wanted a post about potty training, but that's what you got because that's what has held my life captive recently. Worry not folks, I'm going to get some different type of news soon. Editing and all that jazz!

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