November 10, 2014

Weekend Wedding Whirlwind

This past weekend I ventured up to Pennsylvania to see my cousin get married. First of all, it was a beautiful ceremony, and all the dresses and decorations were gorgeous. I'm so happy for them! Here's the obligatory family photo of me with my brother and cousins (the happy groom is in the middle).

Look at all the happy smiles!
Aside from the wedding, this trip had a lot of firsts for me. It was my first time traveling away from my daughter for two whole days and being states away. That made me nervous because I missed her sweet smiling face. I also went without my husband, just meeting my brother at the airport. So, it felt really strange to be away from everyone. I had a great time though, and my nerves didn't stick with me long.

I did have a couple of "Lea moments" on the flight. In SCHISM, Lea has a fear of flying but does it anyway. During the landing, I essentially relived her freakout in the book. Look forward to reading that. >_^

Finally, my last first was renting a car and driving all over northern Maryland and southern Pennsylvania. I drive exclusively in Texas (sometimes Oklahoma), and 98% of my driving is on multi-lane split highways and interstates. Back road, two-lane "highways" in Pennsylvania are totally different! I didn't have a problem, but I definitely noted how things are laid out differently where the world isn't one big flat layer of ground as far as the eye can see. There are these things called hills, and you actually have to use your parking break to keep the car from rolling backward in a parking lot.

Well, now I'm back home and things are normal again. I loved seeing my family, and we have to go way less than 6-10 years before seeing each other again. 

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