January 4, 2015

Book Review ~ Breathe (Devastation Episode 1) by Kelly Harvey

**Note** This is a romance with a little bit of sex, so not the "clean" types of books I promote with Anaiah. You've been warned, or intrigued, whichever suits your fancy. :-)

To continue on with my "read something different" adventure, I picked up Breathe by Kelly Harvey. It's the first episode in the Devastation series. It's a YA Sci-Fi Romance.

Oh, abs...hello.
Breathe is the story of Lexa and Gabe, childhood friends who come back together to see they've grown up, though not apart. I loved, LOVED, the friends turned lovers dynamic of their story. They had realistic fears of losing their friendship which made the tension a delight to read. The interesting twist on their fate, is that they're half-alien hybrids with huge bird/angel wings. The backstory about their alien heritage and how they got there is a quick explanation, not very deep world-building, but with this kind of fast-paced romance, it's the level it needs.

Now I haven't read a "real" romance before, not the kind you'd pick up on that shelf in the store anyway. So, while there's some heat, it's not too much for an intro reader like me. It's like Goldilocks finding those bowls of porridge...just right.

The book ends on a cliffhanger. No, not the "we'll see you in the fall" kind of cliffhanger they have in a season finale, but like a woah...you just ended it there? Good thing the author plans to release the following book in a few weeks, otherwise I'd be a little miffed. Fair warning though. You want to see what happens next.

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