January 24, 2015

Why I Love Arrow's Oliver Queen

I can't get enough of the CW's Arrow, the new re-invention of the DC Comics character Green Arrow. I'm not a huge DC fan (Marvel for me, all the way!) but there's just something about this version of Oliver Queen that I adore.

Yeah...there's six good reasons here, but I'm talking about the others

Yes, stop drooling. He's easy on the eyes, but that's not why I love Oliver Queen. It took a look of time thinking about it, but then one day I had an "Aha" moment. Ollie is very, VERY similar to one of my favorite characters of all time . . . Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin. 

Oh Kenshin, you will always be my favorite

I've watched the anime, read the whole manga series, seen the OVA movies (all versions), and the new live action movie. I'm waiting on the newest two to be released in subtitles so I can get my grabby hands on them. Anyway, with my obsession with Kenshin clear, you can see how this would bleed over to good 'ol Ollie.

Oh, you want me to tell you why they're alike? 

Due to circumstances out of his control, Kenshin learned to become a killing-machine at a young age.

He took part in a war as an assassin on the side of "good" to make things better for other people.

It darkened his spirit, and after the war, he swore never to kill again. He uses his strength to
protect those he loves.

Sound familiar Arrow fans?

On the island, Oliver was forced to learn to fight. and over the course of his time there, he became a hardened warrior.

In China under ARGUS' control, Oliver was forced to torture and kill enemies of the state in the name of the greater good.

When he first became the arrow, he still used his skills as a killing machine to get the results he needed. And now, he uses non-lethal force to protect those he loves, and the people of his city.

Similar backstories produced similar characters, both of which have loving hearts that they guard for the protection of others. They both would die for those they love, and yet put up a shield to protect themselves from pain. Oh boys, won't you ever learn it never works!

Anyway, that's enough of me rambling on for now. I just had to share my epiphany moment. Kenshin and Oliver, isn't it awesome. If you can think of more similarities, or other characters who fall into this same archetype, please comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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