March 18, 2015

Break the SCHISM ~ Contest Time

Okay folks, we're getting down to the wire! In two weeks it'll be April, the month SCHISM (Illirin Book One) releases. The early print copies are under production, and if you want to be one of the first to own one, enter the contest! The rules are easy and you can enter as many times as you want.

Break the SCHISM Contest

Though in the book, Gabe begins his story with his memory missing, that doesn't mean we can't guess a few things about what happened to him in the past. After all, he is from another dimension. How'd he get to Earth? Why?

In Illirin (Gabe's world), to cross over to earth is known as "Breaking the Schism," and is a big no-no in his society. One would need a pretty compelling reason to go against ingrained values and laws to cross to another world. Gabe's reason? I'll let you guess, but I'm more interested in YOUR reason.

What would it take for you to break the Schism?

How to Enter

To enter the contest, simply tweet the tag #BreakSCHISM with your reason for crossing worlds. You can also use Facebook, but you'll have to comment below with a link to your post for an entry to count. Enter as many times as you want! Tweet a ton, and tweet the link to the contest rules to get others to enter too (once counts as an entry).

Now, I'm looking for creative reasons. Realistic, zany, weird, or just plain fun. Examples (do not copy, be original):

I'd #BreakSCHISM for a chance to be in a Broadway play.
#BreakSCHISM for the best nachos on the planet.
I #BreakSCHISM to eat my weight in chocolate pudding and go on the teacup ride.

Contest Ends April 1st.


Grand Prize - One Print Copy of SCHISM (Signed)

1 winner - Signed 8x10 print of Gabe
1 winner - Signed 8x10 print of Lea
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