March 27, 2015

I've Been Watching Far Too Much K-Drama

Is there a such thing as too much Korean Drama? No, the answer is no. Thanks to Hulu, I have an almost endless (not literally) supply of K-Drama to go through one after another. Here's just a few of my recent samplings. I'll stop at four so I don't scare you.

Faith (The Great Doctor)
This story is about a time-traveling plastic surgeon. Okay interesting? Let's amp that up with the fact that the doctor got kidnapped by a royal guard from ancient China and forced back in time through a portal so she could save the queen's life. Of course, then she can't get back...well she could've, but our hero Choi Young (Lee Min Ho again, I LOVE HIM) prevents her from going back. It's a tale of political intrigue, drama, attempted assassinations, poisonings, love stories, and all that good stuff. I was so addicted to this show. It's great. GO WATCH IT NOW!

City Hunter
Another show staring Lee Min Ho, another winner. Man, this guy knows how to pick 'em doesn't he? Anyway, City Hunter is about a man after revenge for his country killing his special ops troops to cover up a scandal. He kidnaps Lee Yoon Sung (Min Ho) as a baby and raises him as his "father" to eventually help him in his revenge. It's got a love story (of course) and a LOT of drama, action, fighting, and bad guys getting their just deserts. I highly recommend.

To The Beautiful You
This one is another girl pretends to be a boy for some reason saga. In this case, Goo Jae Hee pretends to be a boy to attend an all boys school her high-jumping idol attends. He was injured and stopped jumping, so she wanted to see him get back into the sport because his words inspired her in a dark time in her life. Does this plot sound familiar? Well just like Hana Yori Dango, this is another remake of Hana-Kimi which was a manga, anime, and Japanese drama. All the versions are of course different, but I did enjoy this one a great deal.

Coffee Prince
Like "To the Beautiful You" our protagonist Gu Jae Hee is a girl pretending to be a boy. However, in this case it's accidental. She looks so androgynous, that the main guy thinks she's a boy and treats her as such. Then to get a job, she's caught in the lie. Because of the lack of compelling reason to lie to him, I'm not as much of a fan of this show. It was fun to watch, but the production quality, as well as plot, is a bit weaker.

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