April 12, 2015

Guest Post ~ Tips for Collaborating on a Novel (Giveaway)

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Tips for Collaborating on a Novel
Kara Leigh Miller & Jody Holford

One of the most common questions we’ve been asked this past year is: How did you co-write a book? Everyone wants to know how we did it. What was our process. How did we figure out who wrote what. What did we did we do if we disagreed about something.

For Dangerous Love, I (Kara) had already started the project. I’d written the first few chapters and so Jody came in to a started story. That alone was tricky. What if she didn’t like the idea or the characters? What if she wanted to change the characters’ names or professions? What if she thought the writing sucked? It was all very nerve wracking. Thankfully, she loved the story and the characters and was able to jump right in and pick up as if we’d been writing together for years.

But even though the transition into writing together was easy, the overall process required a bit of finesse and negotiations. So, how exactly did we do it? Here are our top three tips for collaborating on a novel…

1.                              COMMUNICATE -- This is a biggie. If you’re not comfortable talking with your co-author, the project will fail. There’s just no way around it. Early on, we agreed to always be open and honest with each other. If one of us did something the other didn’t like, or if we felt there was an issue with what the other had written, we would talk about it. Just like we promised to talk about all plot twists or character quirks before we wrote them. Every step of the way, we talked about everything, no matter how small or silly it seemed.

2.                              SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR EGO -- Let’s face it, all authors have a certain amount of ego they carry around. They have to if they’re going to survive in this industry. But when co-writing, there’s absolutely no room for it whatsoever. If you believe every word you write is golden and every idea you have is the next bestseller and you’re not willing to listen to an opposing or alternate idea, then co-writing probably isn’t for you. Authors know how hard it can be to “kill your darlings” but that’s exactly what you need to be prepared to do when writing with another author. They’re not going to love every single thing you write and vice versa, which is why tip #1 is so super important.

3.                              SET RULES FOR DISAGREEMENTS -- Disagreements are inevitable. We wish we could tell you every step has been rainbows and sunshine for us, but that would be lying. Yes, we’ve had our disagreements. And if we didn’t have a clear understanding of how we were planning to handle them, they would’ve been a lot worse. For us, we have the unique situation of already being under contract for this book. We already have an editor, so we were able to go to her as an impartial third party. We’d both present our side of things, and let our editor be the final decision, agreeing, of course, to abide by our editor’s “ruling.” In addition, we vowed never to let a disagreement come between our professional relationship or the close, personal friendship we’ve built.

Co-writing a book is definitely a unique situation that requires a lot of patience and flexibility. But it’s also one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences we’ve had as authors. We look forward to writing many more books together!

Anaiah Press proudly presents
DANGEROUS LOVE by Kara Leigh Miller and Jody Holford
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He’s fighting to forget his past while she struggles to remember hers…  
Doctor Josh Parker lives with guilt about his wife’s death every day.  
He believes himself incapable of ever loving again, but when a mysterious woman arrives in the Emergency Room, brutally beaten and left for dead, he starts to feel something he hasn’t felt in far too long: hope.  
Alessandra Matthews has no memory of the events that led to her being hospitalized. Worse, she has no idea who hurt her or why. Although she’s uncertain of who she is, she is fully aware of one thing—she’s falling for her doctor.  
Sometimes, what you don’t know can kill you…  
As Josh and Alessa work to solve the mystery surrounding her past, she soon realizes just how much danger she’s really in, but Josh refuses to let her face the darkness of her memories alone. With each of them struggling to put their pasts behind them, theirs is a DANGEROUS LOVE.  

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About the Authors:

Kara Leigh Miller

Kara Leigh Miller

Kara lives in Upstate New York with her husband, three kids, three dogs, and three cats. When she's not busy writing romance novels that leave readers swooning, she's spending time with her family or attending one of her many writers groups. An active member of The Romance Writers of America and the CNY Writers Haven, Kara is also Managing Editor for Anaiah Press' Surge and Romance Imprints. She absolutely loves to hear from her fans and fellow authors, so feel free to drop her a line anytime!

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Jody Holford

Jody Holford

Jody lives in British Columbia with her husband and two daughters. She is a fan of Nora Roberts, Jill Shalvis, Rachel Gibson, and Rainbow Rowell. In reading and writing, she likes characters who are flawed, but driven toward the pursuit of love and happiness. In November 2013, she published A Not So Lonely Christmas with Foreward Literary. In December 2014, she published Forever Christmas through Kindle Direct.

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