May 31, 2015

Book Review ~ Honest and for True by Jane Lebak

I haven't read much chick lit, let alone chick lit featuring protagonists who speak to their guardian angels, so I'm fairly certain Jane Lebak has created her own genre. And you know what? It's awesome.

Oh this cover is TOO CUTE!
Honest and for True (HAFT for short) is the first in the adventures of Lee and her guardian angel Bucky. Although Lee loves working as an auto mechanic, she has a teency problem with lying about it to the guys she dates, crafting a new story for each person she runs into. Bucky can't stand the lies and he tries to get her to come clean before it's too late.

You know it's always gonna be too late. So while as a reader, we know this little problem is going to blow up in her face, it still hurts like hell once it does. By the time the conflict comes to a head, I'm totally invested in Lee's life and her amazing relationship with the unseen angel. Lee and Bucky are both hilarious, making sarcastic jokes at the drop of a hat, and Lee's voice is really engaging and fun to read. The relationships between Lee and her roommate, mother, niece, boyfriends, and especially Bucky, come across genuine and heartfelt. I like for a book to draw me in deep, and HAFT nailed it.

There's funny parts, sad parts, tense parts, and heartwarming parts. Plus, it has the most amazing toilet-repair scene you've ever read. Essentially, if a book can get me to cry and/or genuinely FEEL for the main character, it's a 5-star. Here you go Bucky, take your stars and share 'em with Lee.

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