July 23, 2015

Spotlight ~ Hot Voodoo by Iona Brodie

Could you enjoy a perfect romance if it means somebody else is suffering?

When a school project leads Stella and her best friend Emily to experiment with voodoo dolls, they could never have predicted the consequences. Two of the hottest guys in school vie for Stella's attentions, and Jamie, the coolest boy at Auld Bridge Hall School, soon becomes the perfect boyfriend.

However, as their love blossoms, her other admirer Seth is pulled into a downward spiral that puts his future and even his life at risk. Is it because of the voodoo dolls? Can she watch him fall to keep her perfect relationship with Jamie intact? 


Stella grabbed the written directions that came with the doll and, after scanning her way over the whole text, started to chant. At first she only managed two lines then stopped aghast; voodoo chanting was not meant to be done in a soft Scottish accent. She quickly got into the rhythm of things and carried the whole spell through to the very end before carefully placing the Jamie doll back down on the desk. Emily had been sitting touching the Seth doll at the same time.

“And make Seth love her too!” cried Emily, loud and rushed.

“Em, you promised!”

“Oh, I know, but I just got carried away. There’s no harm in it.”

“You didn't even do it properly.”

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About the Author

Iona Brodie writes fiction with a twist of mythology and the paranormal set in Scotland. Whilst her first published novella, Dark Waters of the Heart, was firmly targeted at adults, her debut novel, Hot Voodoo is for young adults.

Website and blog: www.ionabrodie.co.uk
Twitter: @IonaB_writer