September 14, 2015

Book Review ~ The Solomon Twist by Dan Hammond Jr.

It's been a while, but here's a new review. I'm continuing my journey into "not my usual genre," which leads me into why I haven't written this review until now. I simply can't name the genre. You know what? That's not a problem, because Dan's writing makes me turn an unflattering color of green with envy. 

The Solomon Twist is a story about a lot of different people, well mostly one family, from a small fictional Texas town. There's an interesting paternity dispute that is resolved with a strange arrangement. The daddy compromise promises to be a win-win for everyone, but in reality makes them all losers. The book as a quasi murder mystery middle, but wraps up with some satisfying family dynamics. If it sounds vague it's because I'm trying my hardest not to give spoilers.

While there's a lot happening in this twisty plot, the beauty is in the words themselves. Solomon Twist has a southern literary flair with some great humor mixed in. I can't peg a genre, and that's okay. I was drawn into the thick language and complex character relationships and I got those things in spades. A few times while reading I had to set the book in my lap and just exhale after a perfectly delivered line of dialogue, or a metaphor that carries through so perfectly it needed time to be admired.

If you're looking for a gem of a book that's different from what you're reading now (I can only assume), pick it up.