April 28, 2016

Get out the party cannon, UNITY releases today!

It's my book birthday and book anniversary all rolled into one. Last year, SCHISM released and I became a debut author. I was so nervous to release my baby into the wild. It's done well, but now the conclusion to the story has hit the shelves, which is a different feeling altogether. I'm hopeful my readers will enjoy Gabe and Lea's story, and I love to hear what everyone's thoughts.

Review from Bookie-Monster.Com (Contains SPOILERS for book 1)

So, now UNITY is out in the wilds. If you like my books, please leave a review on Amazon/Goodreads, because that's how I reach other people. And of course, tell your friends. All of them. :-D


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  1. Congratulations, happy book birthday, and happy book anniversary! Enjoy your marvelous day!!!!

  2. I'll be putting my review up soon! You won't be disappointed...because I wasn't. :)