Blog Tour Roundup

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Blog Name URL Post Type Date
Waiting for a Name Guest Post 4/20/2015
The Life and Literary Pursuits of Alexia Chamberlynn Character Interview 4/21/2015
WaldenMommy: Life Behind the Red Front Door Guest Post 4/22/2015
Kick Start Your Heart Romance Author Interview 4/23/2015
Russ Linton Guest Post 4/24/2015
Iona Brodie Spotlight 4/24/2015
Strands of Thought Author Interview 4/25/2015
Helena Fairfax Author Interview 4/26/2015
DL Hammons Author Interview 4/27/2015
The Tex Files Author Interview 4/27/2015
Mrs Mommy Book Blog Author Interview 4/28/2015
Eric Price Spotlight 4/28/2015
Palace of Twelve Pillars Spotlight 4/28/2015
7 Angels 4 Kids 1 Family Review 4/28/2015
Waibel's World Spotlight 4/28/2015
The Poet's Fire Spotlight 4/28/2015
Isabel Sterling Author Interview 4/29/2015
KelleyHarveyWrites Author Interview 4/29/2015
Willows Writer Author Interview 4/30/2015
Exaggerated Rants and Strange Musings Author Interview 4/30/2015
To Write or Draw--THAT is the Question Guest Post 5/1/2015
If you could read my mind Character Interview 5/2/2015
Life Beyond Exaggeration Spotlight 5/2/2015
Every Free Chance Books Review 5/2/2015

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